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Electrical & Electronic security systems


Electrical inspections

Our team of professionals ensures that all electrical connections meet the state building codes and electrical safety regulations. Our work of inspection includes amongst others; evaluating the rating of circuit breakers, finding loose wires, checking electrical motor operation, evaluating surge protection, evaluating operation of stand-by generators in service, testing voltage value at the panel and outlet.

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New installation
New installations

Our team of professionals have years of experience in the advice, conception and implemention of domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations. For the pass years, we have installed about a hundred of homes, offices, soap and food processing factories. We have grown thanks to the satisfaction of our clients and we still stand by our core values of quality work, fair pricing and integrity.

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Service panel

Service panel upgrade

Your service panel is what determines the safety and how much power is available to deliver to all circuits including wall outlets, appliances, lights, etc. When you will notice that; Circuit breakers trip, Fuses keep blowing, Running appliances causes lights to dim, call us today to maintain and upgrade your service panel.

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Power restoration

Emergency power restoration

Localized failures generally result from equipment, blown fuses, underrated circuit breakers, poor contacts at the switches or sockets or the panel box. Our team of professionals is available 24/7 to provide you with a quick result and at low cost. In addition, we get to the root of the problem so it doesn’t happen again. 

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back up system

Back-up system installation

We install a variety of back-up systems, from solar storage to automatic start-up diesel generators. Our team of electricians will estimate the capacity of the back-up system from your electrical installations or appliances, choose the best quality and assist you 24/7 in the event that your generator doesn’t function properly.

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Maintenance of installations

Industries, businesses and most homes cannot afford prolonged electrical systems or equipment downtimes. Routine maintenance provides the best way to ensure that your installation runs at optimum performance for the longest time without significant or frequent failures and energy losses. Our maintenance team is made of dynamic technicians with experience in the maintenance of domestic installation, industrial installations, distribution transformers, conveyor belts, Motor Controls, Switches etc.

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video surveillance

Video surveillance systems

You can now monitor and gain complete control of who’s coming and going in your business or properties. We offer a customized video surveillance plan to help you manage and secure your building efficiently. We provide on-site surveillance as well as remote surveillance. 

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Intruders alarm systems

Do you want to be alerted when someone gets into your home, commercial or industrial premises at an unauthorized time?Our team of experienced technicians will put in place a robust security system to keep you and any other chosen persons alerted wherever you are at any particular time.

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Access Control

Access control systems

Do not look further than Ditex Ltd to furnish you with a reliable access control system such as door card readers, magnetic locks, scanners etcYou may need to keep your home, part of your business or industrial premises accessible only to a particular set of people. These systems can provide personnel tracking and restricted area access to dramatically improve your facilities security posture. 

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